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2024-03-14 / BJB

Introducing the Dinner Table


A blog acts as a virtual hub where visitors land based on their interests and engagement with the content. Much like how a fly sticks to fly paper, the audience that stays on a blog is a specific group of individuals who resonate with the topics discussed and find value in them. Each blog attracts a unique audience that reflects the content it produces. For example, a cooking blog will draw in cooking enthusiasts, while a blog about Pakistani cricket will appeal to fans of the sport. However, some blogs cover a wide range of topics, leading to a diverse array of readers. This diversity can be seen in the Blue Jay Blog(BJB) community, which stands out for several reasons. The BJB  community is defined by:

  1. They are intellectually curious and enjoy delving into complex topics with extensive research and analysis.
  2. They have a light-hearted approach even towards serious subjects, incorporating humor into their discussions.
  3. They are a diverse group with varied interests and backgrounds, representing people from all walks of life and corners of the globe.

The interaction within the community through blog comments, social media, and emails helps in understanding and connecting with the readers on a deeper level. To further enhance community interaction, a new initiative called the Dinner Table has been introduced. This virtual platform aims to bring the BJB community together for discussions, questions, and mutual learning. How it works:

  • Every Sunday, a new discussion topic or question will be posted on the Dinner Table.
  • Participants can engage in the comments section, with the option to upvote or downvote comments.
  • Topics will cover a wide range of subjects, encouraging thought-provoking conversations and collaborations.

Additionally, readers can suggest topics through the [email protected] email address, allowing for a community-driven experience. Rules: 1) Maintain a respectful and engaging environment within the community. 2) Participants can share responses of any length or format, and are encouraged to upvote content they appreciate. 3) Active participation is key to making the Dinner Table discussions enriching and enjoyable for everyone involved. For those interested in joining the Dinner Table discussions, the tab is accessible at the top of the site for easy navigation.


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