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    Life is a Picture, But You Live in a Pixel

    This is Jack: And this is Today: Jack and Today are dating. Their relationship is fine, but Jack feels Today is not the one. He daydreams about Tomorrow—a more fulfilling day where he’d find true happiness, love, and success. Even though Jack plans to break up with his current Today for a more exciting one,

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    Life is a Picture, But You Live in a Pixel

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    Addiction. Elbow. Birthplace. Gossip. Eyeball. Lonely. Majestic. Zany. The list goes on and on and on. ...

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    Shakespeare Coined a Shit-Ton of Words

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  • Why Sports Fans are Sports Fans

    Everywhere around the globe, the passion for sports varies widely. To understand this phenomenon better, let’s delve into the perspective of non-sports enthusiasts— For those not into sports, the fascination with sports seems inexplicable. If you are a sports fan, here’s how non-sports fans see your attachment to your favorite team: A group of individuals,

  • 2024-06-29

    It’s finally the 2020s. After 20 years of not being able to refer to the decade we’re in, we’re all finally free—in the clear for the next 80 years until 2100, at which point I assume AGI will have figured out what to call the two decades between 2100 and 2120. We now live in

  • 2024-06-24

    A map that left me with no option but to stare at it for 20 minutes. Great way to put the biggest empires of the past in both time and magnitude perspective. ...

  • 10 Types of 30-Year-Old Single Guys

    At 30 years old, single men come in different types and backgrounds, making them an interesting group. If you gather a group of 30-year-old men, you’d likely find a mix of individuals such as the frat dude living with roommates, the guy dropping his kids off at school, those established in their careers, and some

  • 2024-06-14

    I kinda think he didn’t. ...

  • 2024-06-09

    Happens this way every time. ...

  • Creepy Kids in Creepy Vintage Ads

    Attention to all those aged between 55 and 110 in the US: I’ve figured out your secret. You had an incredibly peculiar childhood. Despite living in 2014, pretending life is ordinary, your early years were far from typical. They were odd. And so were you. That’s the only way to describe it. I’ve spent the

  • 2024-05-30

    When you refer to yourself as “me,” you likely have a clear understanding of what that entails. It’s one of the most apparent aspects of your existence—something you’ve grasped since a very young age. While you may ponder the question, “Who am I?” the real puzzle lies in the aspect of “who am”—the “I” part