Sunday, May 12, 2019

Dwight Smith Jr - Really?? What happened?

I understand that teams often don't understand that the players that they have on there own team are not that good.  Such is the case of Dwight Smith Jr.  This is a player with terrific major league pedigree; his father was a ROY with the Chicago Cubs in 1989.  He plays good defense in the outfield.  He has hit the ball each time the Jays brought him up he raked.    The problem with Dwight, he never did much in the minors.  Never hit with eye popping power or average or stole any bases.  But neither has Billy McKinney.   One has spent his entire career with the Blue Jays and the other was throw in for JA Happ.  I believe you build players from within in your organization.  Its a big part of team chemistry - knowing the guys who are next to you.  Billy McKinney is just another guy in a stall.  I am sure hes a good guy, but he has done the rounds.  A's, Cubs, Yankees - he is nothing special I am sure, they have all had a look and realized he is a fourth outfielder at best.

Dwight was out of options, so they had to move him.  But why??  Did I mention that he would be leading the Blue Jays in homers this year??   Yes, he is killing it.    He is on pace for 30 HR and 100 RBI and a 280 average.  Hmm, that would be nice.

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