Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Aaron Sanchez calling out teammates - Be Ready to Play

Aaron Sanchez has put an X on his back.  Calling out your team by saying that his team wasn't ready immediately makes him the guy to show a difference in the output of the team.    As a 500 ball club, the Jays leaders to make this the club better.  If Aaron doesn't feel that the team was ready, he has been around long enough to know if people are ready to play.  You can look in someone's eyes and they can tell you if they are into the game.  Sadly, the Jays have a lot of guys who are really new players.  Only players like Sanchez, Stroman and Smoak on this team know difference from being on a winner and not.   Its refreshing to have a guy call out his teammates at the professional level.  I am sure he didn't make any friends in doing it.

Have a game tonight!

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