Sunday, May 12, 2019

Who should get into the Hall of Fame? Bonds, Clemens or Rose?

  With another over, the MLB Hall of Fame has concluded

Great points - the real problem is the guys didn't cheat - Fred Mcgriff - Carlos Delgado - etc. The hall is more than talent, it's about aspiring to be something great. Rich privileged jerks - why do any of us care if these guys get in to the hall of Fame? I think Bonds and Clemens were paid well beyond their prime as a result of the doping. How many guys couldn't make the bigs because Clemens pitched an extra 5 yrs ?

Dwight Smith Jr - Really?? What happened?

I understand that teams often don't understand that the players that they have on there own team are not that good.  Such is the case of Dwight Smith Jr.  This is a player with terrific major league pedigree; his father was a ROY with the Chicago Cubs in 1989.  He plays good defense in the outfield.  He has hit the ball each time the Jays brought him up he raked.    The problem with Dwight, he never did much in the minors.  Never hit with eye popping power or average or stole any bases.  But neither has Billy McKinney.   One has spent his entire career with the Blue Jays and the other was throw in for JA Happ.  I believe you build players from within in your organization.  Its a big part of team chemistry - knowing the guys who are next to you.  Billy McKinney is just another guy in a stall.  I am sure hes a good guy, but he has done the rounds.  A's, Cubs, Yankees - he is nothing special I am sure, they have all had a look and realized he is a fourth outfielder at best.

Dwight was out of options, so they had to move him.  But why??  Did I mention that he would be leading the Blue Jays in homers this year??   Yes, he is killing it.    He is on pace for 30 HR and 100 RBI and a 280 average.  Hmm, that would be nice.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Aaron Sanchez calling out teammates - Be Ready to Play

Aaron Sanchez has put an X on his back.  Calling out your team by saying that his team wasn't ready immediately makes him the guy to show a difference in the output of the team.    As a 500 ball club, the Jays leaders to make this the club better.  If Aaron doesn't feel that the team was ready, he has been around long enough to know if people are ready to play.  You can look in someone's eyes and they can tell you if they are into the game.  Sadly, the Jays have a lot of guys who are really new players.  Only players like Sanchez, Stroman and Smoak on this team know difference from being on a winner and not.   Its refreshing to have a guy call out his teammates at the professional level.  I am sure he didn't make any friends in doing it.

Have a game tonight!


VLAD GUERRERO JR is clearly struggling and this is not the start that all Blue Jays Fans wanted.   It clearly shows that all those people crying fowl last year, saying Vlad is ready for the big leagues were dead wrong.   I am still confident that Vlad will hit 260-280 this year with 20 homers and 75 rbi.  But Vlad is clearly not as ready for stardom as many prognosticated.  Pitchers have been feeding him a steady diet of fastballs, curve balls and change ups away.  He has shown a lack of patience that most young players exhibit.  Chasing is common action when the player is swinging hard or is trying to get out in front of pitch to drive it.   The more games he plays - the more the game will slow down and things will get easier for him.  We have to give credit to SHATKINS for keeping Vlad down on the farm when the entire city of baseball experts was crying fowl.  He clearly wasn't ready.