Sunday, July 2, 2017

Blue Jays acquire Miguel Montero - Nice addition

Do the Blue Jays need another Catcher?  Well in a word.  YAHHH!

Not that Luke Maile isn't a quality catcher.  He is a much better receiver than a hitter.   The Blue Jays are in need of some hitting from behind the dish.   Russell Martin misses too many games for the Jays to run Luc out there 45-60 times a year.   Montero has proven he can swing the bat.  He hits big home runs and calls a good game.  His inability to throw out runners will be less of an issue in the homer happy American League.  He will also make a nice addition to the order and potential bat off the bench.    Maile is never going to be much of an offensive contributor.  That is just not his forte.  He is a great receiver and pitchers enjoy working with him.    In a league by runs scored, where the Yankees and Red Sox continue to pound out homer after homer.  The Blue Jays need to add runs where ever they can and a veteran bat off the bench or starting every 4th day would be a drastic improvement on our situation.

Is Montero a good team mate?  Its funny, no-body is saying that his comments are untrue.  Jake Arrieta is slow to the dish.  Does he care if people are running on him?  It appears not.  So, Montero's comments were not without merit.  The problem is, the Cubs are not performing to expectations. He was an easy guy to point out and remove from the equation.  Arrieta needs to do a better job holding runners.  When his stuff was better, it didn't matter nearly as much as it does now.  Being mortal again, he is much more beat able.  That said, its never good to air your dirty laundry.

Blue Jays should bring in Montero for the next couple months and then call up Luke for Sept when rosters expand.

And for all those CUBS fans who have forgotten. Just remember last fall when Miguel Montero did this against the Dodgers.

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