Saturday, June 10, 2017

Who is Joe Biagini - Scouting Jays starting Pitcher

Rule 5 waiver pick from 2016, Joe Biagini has been a great addition to the Blue Jays roster.  Taken as a non-protected rule 5 player from the San Francisco Giants in the spring of 2016.  Giants Manager was shocked to find out that Biagini was part of his system and had gone unprotected, "we need guys like that on our team."   What makes Biagini so special is his ability to throw all his pitches for strikes.  His fastball ranges in the 93-94 range and occasionally hits 95-96.  In 2015, Biagini had a great year for double A Richmond.  Posting an era of 2.42 in a a very hitter friendly league.  The Jays looked at his ability to control the strike zone.   Biagini works down in the strike zone and its very tough to get the ball in the air.  He throws a sinking 2 seam fastball.  His year in 2015 as a starter at  Double A, Biagini gave up just 5 homers in over 130 innings.  Astros prospect Kelvin Marte also dominated that league in 2015, but his ERA was higher.

Why did the Giants leave Biagini unprotected.  Sometimes teams get obsessed with the swing and miss affect of a prospect.  The Giants clearly missed the boat on Biagini and most teams would be happy to have a pitcher as advanced as Joe.  His whip is currently 1.02 and he is striking out 8 batters per nine innings.  He is clearly going to be in the Jays rotation for the foreseeable future.

Joe is also loved by his teammates.  Here is a crazy video - very funny!!

And here are the funny quotes from Joe!


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