Monday, June 19, 2017

Sightlines Restaurant Review - Is it worth the price?

So my Family decided to take me to Sightlines for yesterdays Blue Jays vs White Sox Game.  The view was terrific!  We got there early around noon, we dropped everyone off in the round about for the hotel.  I parked just up the street for 20 dollars.  But this was a great way to get everyone to the park and in the stadium.   The reception seems a little confused about things, they are always talking to each other.  We reserved seats a couple months ago, so we were front and centre.  Right on the rail over looking the field.  We had 5 kids in our group, the ability to let them roam around makes it a much better environment for everyone.  Having taken the kids to lots of Jays games, they get pretty bored sitting in the regular stadium seats.  So, having the open environment makes it easier to keep them happy.

Now the important part, the Food! There are 2 carving stations that have all different kinds of meat from Pork to Sausage to Prime Rib.   All of the sides you can imagine go along with the meat, this includes salads, potatoes, breads, carbs of all kinds.  They also offer a great brunch on weekend games, which includes eggs, sausage, bacon and waffles.  Desert is always available and will ensure that you are very content.   Items like alcohol and juices are a la carte.   If you keep to water and pop there is no extra fees.  Groups of 5 or more and they will add the gratuity to your bill. 

Greatest benefit of this facility is the price of the ticket and buffet is around 100 dollars.  If I buy a ticket anywhere in the 100 level I am paying minimum 50 dollars.  Ad a hot dog, bag of peanuts and a Pop and its 100 dollars.  Sightlines gives me all of that and much more, for basically the same price.

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