Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rangers beat up on Stro Show and Jays - Split Series

Marcus Stroman had a tough outing and the Jays couldn't find any middle relief to keep them in the game.    A major league season is full of games when the starting pitcher just doesn't have his A Game.  Today was one of those outings and who entered to fill the void?  Cesar Valdez.  Who?  Yes, Cesar Valdez.  Cesar has an ERA of 8.71 - his job today was to shut down the Rangers.  Kind of like what Dennis Lamp would in the mid 80's or Mauro Gozzo did for the 89 Blue Jays, he may have only won 4 games that year.  But if you remember that season went down to the final game.

This middle relief has been a problem for the 2017 Jays.  Guys like Dermody, Valdez and Beliveau the guys who need to stand up and keep the Jays in the Game.  That is the biggest difference in where we are and where we need to be.  6 or 7th inning onward, the Jays have been terrific.  Danny Barnes and Ryan Tepera have been a god send.  Barnes has 3 pitches he can throw at any time and he pitches to both sides of the plate.  Tepera can bring the gas.  His slider is nasty and turns hitters into guessers.

Today's game shows how the Jays continue need some long relief, someone who can bridge 3 innings and keep them in the game.  Both the front and the back end of the staff is excellent.

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