Friday, June 16, 2017

Joe Biagini handed an early exit - Jays go down early against White Sox

Being a starting pitcher is not an easy Job.  When you are bad, you're really bad and everyone sees it.  Joe Biagini just didn't have the rhythm on this day.  He was out of sorts from the first pitch and the Sox put the wood to him.  Unable to throw strikes and get ahead, he was easy pickings for the gap hitters.  Although Biagini throws hard, he is not nasty.  He relies on command and throwing all his pitches for strikes.  When the curve isn't getting over, or the first pitch is a ball.  He is instantly more hittable than when getting ahead of the hitter.  His first time through the order, Joe is dominant - hitters hit .156 against him.  The 3rd time around hitters are hitting .296, what this means is that hitters start to get locked into hitting against him.  The more he can limit the pitch count, the better he will do that 3rd time through the order.  Pitchers need to understand that the best thing for hitting is to see lots of pitches.

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