Friday, June 23, 2017

Dwight Smith Jr - Blue Jays Prospect - How good can he be?

The Blue Jays have a shortfall in MLB ready prospects, most teams have 4 or 5 guys who are ready and waiting for an opportunity.  The Jays have basically Dwight Smith and that's it.  Who is Dwight Smith Jr? Well his dad won the rookie of the year in 1989 for the Chicago Cubs.  He was a great hitter with decent speed.  Sounds kind of like his dad.   Dwight Jr was a decent prospect up until this spring, he impressed in Spring Training and was sent to Triple A Buffalo to start that year.  In Double the last couple years he didn't show much power or average.  Hitting in the 260's two years in a row, he definitely wasn't setting the house on fire.  That said, people liked his game and intangibles.  Dwight knows the game and how its played, he isn't going to be a burner, or win a hr title or batting title.  But he will probably hit 280-300, steal 15 bags and 18-22 hr's.  Play great defense and be a great teammate.    

He is coach-able and a good guy to have in the club house.  I have too believe that Jays management knew they were getting this guy when they decided not to bring in a free agent for Left Field.

My rank on Dwight Smith Jr was a C+ at the beginning of the season.  I would rate him a B now with upside.

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