Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Blue Jays Lose to Oakland - 5 - 3 - Justin Smoak continues to Mash

Its now June and J.A. Happ has yet to record a win and the Jays are 2 games under 500.  Yes, he has been injured, but its hard to think that last years 20 game winner would have such a tough run in 2017.  He was one of Toronto's top pitchers and behind Aaron Sanchez, would be considered the ace of the staff.  Ryon Healy made him look pretty pedestrian with a couple monster homers to Left Center.  Happ will come around, the Jays offense should have been able to do better against young lefty Sean Menaea, but as is common.  Left handed pitching was there down fall.

Justin Smoak continues to show that he is a different player.  Strike outs are down and the power is up.  Now with 15 homers he is only 5 away from his career high.   He has been the team mvp to this point and the Jays would be in deep trouble with him.

Troy Tulowitzki looked better than he has since his return and the offense should be on the rebound.

Jays fall to 28 and 30 on the season.  

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