Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blue Jays gut out win against scrappy Rays - Jays win 7-6

Yes, the Jays had some timely hitting and the bullpen was clutch.  But this game was won by a terrific ability to extend Jake Odorizzi.  Odorizzi is one of the Rays top pitchers.  He throws strikes  works to contact.  But the Jays were able to run up his pitch count and jump on him in the 5th inning with Kendrys Morales doing the most damage with a 3 run homer.    Jake's pitch count was over 40 after only 2 innings.  Okay, so why am I making such a big deal about pitch count.  Winning teams wear down the starting pitcher and get into the bullpen early in the game.  Hitters like Morales and Donaldson are excellent at this approach, today we saw Goins and rookie Dwight Smith Jr battling to full counts on multiple at bats.  This was the major reason they won a 1 run game.

Players to note - Dwight Smith Jr looks like a real player.  Currently hitting over 300 at Triple A.  We are excited to see a young player with a great approach to hitting.   He also stole 3rd base and did it with ease.

Mallex Smith for the Rays is going to be exciting.  Pure speed and this kid can bunt.  Watch out because he is the next Carl Crawford. Smith is 7 for 7 in steals and has only played about 15 games.  He is an exciting player.

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