Friday, July 18, 2014

John Gibbons making all the wrong moves

The 2014 blue jays have an all or nothing addition. The offense has been at times the best in baseball and at others the worst in baseball. Winning the 1 run game is the most important part of a championship season and the blue jays have had the finger on a great team only to let it slip away. The recent additions have been the most troubling. Batting career minor leaguer Dan Johnson in the cleanup spot against David Price was nearly the stupidest move I have witnessed in Baseball. DJ is hitting well, for him, at triple A but a 241 avg is not a major league clean up hitter Gibbons thinks he can find players when the rest of baseball has missed him. Dan Johnson is a fringe player and this shows how desperate the jays are for anything in the way of production. Bouncing players up and down in and out is not how you build a winner.

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