Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blue Jays Underwelm thus far in 2013 Off Season

So, if you weren't disappointed enough in the 2013 season, step into the 2013 off season. Yes, shedding JP Arencibia is an addition by subtraction. And we are very happy to have Dioner Navarro onboard. His leadership and experience in the AL East will be a great asset. Anyone that has played for Joe Maddon is smarter for it. Navarro should give the maturity to the catching position that will ensure a rebound season for all under-performing pitchers. That said, not everything can be saddled on Arencibia. But everything begins with the catcher and JP would rank as the worst offensive and defensive player at his position in all of baseball. His lack of awareness of his short comings must have been an incredibly frustrating situation for all management. Pitching is what wins you championships, the Blue Jays have some potential upside many players that will be needed to fill the 4-5 rotation spots in 2014. Dickey, Buerhle, Morrow are an established group. The Second group of Jenkins, Happ, Rogers, Drabek and Redmond will be in until Prospects like Aaron Sanchez are ready to contribute. Management seems committed to this group, having turned down several offers for top prospects like Aaron Sanchez and others for stop gap pitching like Jeff Samardzija, the current Cubs ace. The hope for 2014 is in the second group of arms.

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