Saturday, April 13, 2013

I would bet Brett Lawrie does not hit 250 Career Home Runs

Blue Jay fans have been going crazy for Brett Lawrie for almost 3 years now. Unfortunately, I fear the second coming of Larry Walker is not going to be the Tip Oneill we all hoped he would be. Potential aside, Lawrie plays with a reckless abandon that will only put him on the DL for longer and longer stretches. Similar young players like Scott Rolen and Kirk Gibson played with the same tenacity only to suffer late in their careers to stay healthy and produce at a high level. Rolen is the perfect parallel, producing Hall of Fame numbers his first few years in Philadelphia before being limited by a chronic shoulder injury. Lawrie needs to understand that each injury today will cost you 50-100 games in your career - perhaps more. Now, I think Lawrie is going to be a fine alround player and should make a couple all star games. But he is not the next Mike Schmidt, perhaps he is more of a Scott Brosius or on the high side Eric Chavez.

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