Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ex Blue Jays Beat up on New Look Blue Jays - John Gibbons over matched

I know I am writing this before the weekend series with the Yankees is over but I am already pretty disgusted with the effort that has been put forward. From Vernon Wells going deep to Lyle Overbay going deep to Ben Francisco even getting some playing time. Yes we are missing perhaps our best player in Jose Reyes, but the Yankees are missing 3 sure fire hall of famers and they nutted up better than the Blue Jays. Plane and simple, this team lacks the intensity and ability to work at bats and get big hits. Lets start with Saturdays game, Maicer gets a lead off single in the 10th inning and Bonifacio moves him up. Rajai has a chat with Jose Bautista right before he goes to hit. Bautista says watch out for the Slider. What does Rajai do, well he swings at the first pitch, a slider on the outside corner. Lack of mental rehearsal or mental preparation. Something the Jays not possessed since the last won a world series. Guys like Joe Carter, Dave Winfield and Paul Molitor all had a plan. Now for a team that relies on the long ball to score a large majority of their runs. The Jays are going to struggle madly in close scoring games. That brings us to the mismanagement of the Bull Pen. Tom Lasorda was the worlds greatest match up king. He would ensure that his pitchers always had the best chance for success. Leaving Aaron Loup in for back to back Righties and then a switch hitter was a guaranteed disaster. No body ever called JG the brightest bulb. Go Jays Go!

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