Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jays lose Jason Frasor and Darren Oliver behaving badly

Love him or hate him, Jason Frasor has been the longest tenured arm in the bullpen. Having appeared in more games in relief than any other Blue Jay. The diminutive right hander is headed to the hot Texas heat. This may not be the best thing for a guy that seems to sweat alot no matter the conditions. The Rangers signed him for just over 1 million dollars. This will probably end an era for Jason Frasor that saw him be drafted by the Blue Jays, most BJ fans were very nervous whenever Frasor entered the game. He still commands a terrific fastball for a small guy. As a life long Jays fan, I think Frasor will be missed. The second item that was revealed, Darren Oliver is holding the Jays ransom. Trying to the Jays to increased the front loaded contract that he signed in 2011. The deal was front loaded, as a result Oliver is holding the Jays hostage. Insisting that they increase the option yr or he will retire. The issue here is around the nature of the deal. When it was signed, the money was front loaded at the request of Oliver. This behavior is despicable. I would say let him go, but truly he should just honor the deal that was signed when no body else was calling.

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