Sunday, December 16, 2012

R A Dickey - A Blue Jay - Jays deal for CY Young Winner

Just when you thought the Blue Jays were going to take a break for the holidays, BAM! Double A comes up with a little Christmas cheer for all of us. Dickey, a knuckle baller that has only recently become a star in his late 30's, should give the Jays a few more years of elite performance. Robert Allen Dickey came out with a tell all book about how he was molested as a child, his success has been inspite of all the issues faced as a child. Dickey, will give the Jays a completely different look than the rest of the rotation. Knuckle Ballers are their bread, not thought of as lefties or righties, many switch hitters often hit from their best side and not worry about lefty/righty advantages. Dickey also throws a very hard knuckle ball, not like the old days of the floating Niekro ball. Dickey was also a traditional pitcher from much of his career and spots an 85-87 mile per hour fastball, not usually the repertoire for a knuckle ball pitcher.

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