Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blue Jays use which glove maker

As you may know the Blue Jays use several different glove makers, the glove is the discretion of the individual. Glove makers try and sign up deals with lots of players to gain exposure. Most Toronto fans will remember Roger Clemens using a Cooper Glove for his years in Toronto with a sense of pride. Cooper is not a traditional maker of Baseball Gloves, at least not in the likes of Rawlings Baseball Gloves or Mizuno. Cooper signed Clemens to an endorsement deal. Endorsement deals are usually only for well known players or pitchers that get enough face time for it to matter. Jose Bautista uses a Wilson Outfield Glove Brett Lawrie - Mizuno; Adam Lind - Wilson; JP Arencibia uses an All Star, that's the name of the maker. Newly acquired Melky Cabrera also uses Wilson. Jose Reyes uses a Rawlings, while the other newly acquired John Buck uses a Wilson
Just remember that you should not pick their because their favorite player uses it. Here is a great site for tips on picking your glove.

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