Sunday, November 18, 2012

Melky Cabrera - Blue Jays new Left Fielder - Melkman

The Melkman is coming north.  The Blue Jays added the NL batting title winner, even though he declined to win the award as a result of his positive PED test.  This was quite an honorable thing to do and shows why Melky is a fan favorite and well like player amongst his teammates.  Melky Cabrera represents a huge upgrade in Left Field, his ability to switch hit will ensure there is a permanent option.  Last season started with Eric Thames and ended with Rajai Davis.  Davis was able to provide better defense and his ability to steal bases made him an option.  Unfortunately, Davis is at best a 4 or 5th Outfielder and the Melky signing may necessitate his being moved.  This also begs the question, who plays Centrefield? Gose or Rasmus? For the first time in the history of the Blue Jays, this should be a set lineup from day 1 in Spring Training.

Melky Cabrera understands the challenges of playing in the American League East, he came up with the New York Yankees.  He seems to enjoy the challenges of the game and is a clutch player.  In 2012, he was the All Star Game MVP and won the Giants Hustle Award.  His average of .346 was best in the NL. The real question is will his lack of being on the sauce(PED's) limit his performance.  Even if Cabrera returns to the 800 range in OPS production, this will be a huge improvement on previous years.  His defense is more than adequate, having covered Centrefield for the Yankees for 3+ seasons.  We are also confident that he wont make the same mistake 2 with the Performance Enhancing Drugs that derailed his 2012 season and cost him 50 games and a playoff birth.    The Jays are lucky to have this guy and should be considered favorites for the Playoffs if not the Division out right.  

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