Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blue Jays - Sad end to 2012

The season that started with such promise has deteriorated into a last place jumble of celebrating O Vizquel passing the Babe for 41st place on the hits list.  Not sure why a 45 year old is even getting at bats, there must be guys at triple A deserving of some playing time.  This season must be viewed as a major backslide.  From Yunel Escobar exposing himself as a major liability with 2 years and 2 more options remaining on his contract, the Jays no longer have an asset.   Losing 3 top arms in Drabek and Hutchinson to Tommy John surgeries is terrible.  The lack of ability within the organization to develop talented sluggers Travis Snider and Eric Thames before giving up on them.  The poor result of off season signings.  This team has shown poor patience and even worse talent evaluation.

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