Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Outfield Anthony Gose - 2012 Prospect Report

Anthony Gose is a supremely talented outfielder who can play Right, Left or Centre.  Most people don't know that he was clocked at 95 MPH in High School from the mound.  He is also ridiculously fast, routinely flying around the bases showing everyone the potential that the Blue Jays have been flogging for 3 yrs as the second coming of Kenny Lofton meets Usain Bolt.
The sad part of this story is that with the trading of Travis Snider and Eric Thames they have cleared the way for Gose to take over in Leftfield, sadly he is proving not ready for the promotion. His inability to foul off curveballs, change ups and most off speed pitches is concerning.  His swing is simple and uncomplicated, fundamentally very sound.  The hope is that he should be able to hit the ball consistently enough to utilize his speed.   Only time will tell if the Jays have jumped the gun on Gose, who is clearly over matched right now by Major League pitching.

As a side note, Travis Snider is continuing his great play for the Pirates and I will make the bold prediction that he is a perennial 280 hitter with 30 bombs.  Sad it won't be for the Blue Jays.

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