Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eric Thames - Gone for what??

Wow, what a shitty day to be a Blue Jays fan. You go to bed thinking, we have one of the best stock piles of young outfielders anywhere in baseball.  You wake up and your Bullpen is now just okay... for a couple guys they could probably get via free agency.  The raw power of Eric Thames was evident with any BP session you watched.  Its very sad that this organization has forgotten the lessons of Cito Gaston who turned Jose Bautista into Joey Bats and Marco Scutaro in a valuable player and Shawn Green into well you get where I am going here.  What happens in 3 yrs when Anthony Gose has been sent back to the farm 3 times and people are wondering, will he be traded??   You need to give these young guys an opportunity to succeed and compete at the Major League level.  Travis didn't know where he was going, one minute he is stud, the next he is back on the farm.  This is a huge mistake by an organization that always claims that you need to get the best player in the deal to win the trade.  Well on deadline day 2012 they lost both trades.

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jobby316 said...

We got the answer last night as Steve Delabar struck 6 batters in 2 innings. He has impressive stuff with a tremendous sinker.