Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tigers Sign Prince - while Jays Get Closer

Ummm....5-3 record with a 2.45 ERA and a 1.02 WHIP with the Cincinnati Reds. Not to shabby... considering pitching is our biggest weak point.
Um ya.... Prince Fielder - a legit free agent that is WORTH every penny would have been WAY better then these old bums we keep signing. Ya great we got Cordero and Vizquel while the rich (Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers and Rangers) just keep getting richer.

Tigers have 1 pitcher,,, 2 hitters... thats about it.
Visquel being signed might mean a move is on the horizon, he is a perfect fit if they decide echavaria is ready to join the big club, what a mentor to have plus his Defense is still all-star caliber. He is now a DH... Cabrera doesn't like DHing
Cabrera is a better hitter - I am sure they checked with him. What happens when Fielder hits 300 hundred on the Scale and at the plate. That has to be some kind of record.

Unless Cabrera is going back the 3rd, but I imagine they both wanna be in the field. This just in Jays traded Escobar and 2 prospects for Cabrera. Kidding.

Dont get me wrong... i like both Jay signings. Ill take Vizquel over McCoy ANY DAY. Cordero cant be worse then Rauch. Fielder will be the 1B for at least 4 years and Cabrera will probably spend 60% of his time at 3B, 15% at DH and 15% at... 1B. Maybe a bit of LF too. Im just personally so F'ing sick that the Jays refuse to shell out money when opportunities like this come up. This is a proven guy that is YOUNG. I dont want them to spend money for the sake of it but this was a really good young guy who hits .300 35HR 115 RBI every year and never gets injured!See More
I just gotta trust AA knows what he is doing, so far he has been pretty good and a I am sure he has plans for this type of signing eventually, hopefully when the team is ready and needs to spend they step up.
Not sure if you guys remember, Stand Pat? Pat Gillick
Cordero had 37 Saves last year, to get him for 4.5 is a steal. Great insurance at closer and he cost 1.5 less than Francisco ended up getting from the Mets. Explain that...

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