Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jays Bullpen Gets complete revamp

Wow, with all the talk about the new lineup and the trading of V-Dub, Alex Anth has done more to improve the club this year than any club in baseball.... YES even more than the Red Sox.  The additions of Jon Rauch, Franky Francisco, Octavio Dotel and Chad Cordero to go along with Jason Frasor/Bryan Tallet/Josh Roenicke/David Purcey/Jesse Carlson/Casey Jansen and anyone else that will be down at Las Vegas.

True the Yankees have the most incredible 1-2 or Eighth and Ninth inning duo - maybe ever.  Soriano will make up for alot of the mess Joba and crew cause.  But the Jays are deeper and more experienced than any bullpen in the league.   The Rays are definitely hurting with the loss of Soriano and Balfour in their BP.   The Red Sox are also very concerned about P-bon, causing them to make a serious run at Mariano Rivera. 

Cordero may not be what he once was, but if he can find the magic that made him one of the best short men in baseball.  The Jays may have the best bullpen in team history.

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