Monday, December 6, 2010

Shaun Marcum was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers

The Blue Jays continue to partner with the Milwaukee Brewers and while the Boston Red Sox have landed AGon, the Jays landed Canadian Brett Lawrie.  Lawrie if you haven't heard is the next Great Canadian player.  His minor league numbers are amazing and he has the ability to play multiple positions.  After moving Edwin Encarnacion, it is expected that Lawrie will be the Power hitting third baseman the Jays need. Marcum who was overcoming Tommy John surgery appears to be at the peak of his career.  This is another great move by the Jays to acquire more elite players who can take them to the next level.
 Lawrie is currently at double A and may be a couple years away from the big club.  In his second year of pro-ball, Lawrie hit .285 and had good power numbers for a player with just 1 year of wood bat experience. He has been playing 2nd base but projects as more of a 3rd baseman.

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