Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mike Wilner Should be Fired - enough already

The arrogant know it all Pre and Post Gamer, who's smug attitude and sharp tongue is turning more fans off the Jays than bringing them out to the game.  His way of turning a fan's enjoyment into or excitement for this young team into mush is amazing.  True, many Jay fans call in when they really shouldn't.  As they are trying to offer something relevant, Wilner finds a way to make them feel incredibly stupid.  To the point where they won't listen any longer.  Take for instance, Andy Frost who does the Leaf post game.  He understands that he is corporate communicator for the team first and journalist second.  So if someone starts going off on Leaf Management, he has a way of reeling them back in without offending them.

Let's just say that Scott Ferguson was loved by BJ fans and Wilner is either hated or people have no opinion because they don't listen.  I am no Program Director, but that means its time for the Surly Jerk to hit the road. 

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