Monday, September 6, 2010

Debating the Future of the Blue Jays

The Blue Jays head into the off season with alot of questions about who will be at the corners in 2011. Unless they making a move, the challenge lies in finding full time at bats for Travis Snider and Jose B. Bautista is going to start, but where; is it rightfield or 3rd base. He is a superior rightfielder to anyone else they have. But the move to 3rd allows Fred Lewis to gain a fulltime spot. Edwin Encarnacion has shown an inability to make the routine plays at 3rd. The team needs better defence from that corner position. Lewis has shown himself to be a nice pick up, giving them a lead off hitter who can hit both lefthanded and righthanded pitching. The numerous holes that came with him from San Fran were overstated. Lewis has been a pleasant surprise but not an American League left fielder. He lacks the speed necessary for a player who doesn't hit for the power he should. His defence is suspect at best as well.

Alex Anthopoulos should find a suitor for EE and Travis Snider should be the everyday RF.

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