Sunday, February 28, 2010

The case for Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays

Carlos Delgado could be an excellent addition to the Toronto Blue Jays. His club house leadership will be an added benefit to the young position players. His presence in the middle of the order will provide true 3 hitter Vernon Wells to return to his 2005 and prior form. It will also fill out a lineup lacking in an experienced run producer.

Carlos was also unceremoniously allowed to leave Toronto by now departed GM JP Ricciardi. JP may claim that he tried to Trade Delgado to a contender. I would have taken Delgado's numbers at 1st base at 12 million over Wells' numbers over the same period for 16 million. This could be a great way to right the wrong of the blue jays past. Allowing their greatest position player ever, to return home, hit 500 home runs, along the way righting many wrongs.

Who does it hurt? Delgado can play 75 games at 1st and 75 games at DH. Lyle Overbay has proven that he can't be an everyday 1st basemen. His numbers against Left Handed pitching will continue to be an issue. This will be his last year as a Blue Jay. There is no reason to give him any loyalty beyond a spot on the team.

This would be a classy way for the Blue Jays to salute the best player they have ever had and provide a more competitive team on the field.