Monday, December 20, 2010

Matsui demands no-trade clause to Toronto

Hideki Matsui has a limited no-trade clause preventing trades to SEA, BALT, MIN, TOR, CLE, KC. This is incredibly sad news, even the Japanese Players don't want to come to Toronto.  Out of these teams, Toronto had the only winning record and was competitive for the entire year. I guess winning 85 Games isn't enough to warrant respect from free agents.  I think this is a major reason why Anthopoulos didn't trade players away at the deadline.  Knowing they were going to be leaving, he felt a potential fire sale would have more damage to the organization.  A winning atmosphere is a very important part of the growth of any organization, especially one as young as this.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Shaun Marcum was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers

The Blue Jays continue to partner with the Milwaukee Brewers and while the Boston Red Sox have landed AGon, the Jays landed Canadian Brett Lawrie.  Lawrie if you haven't heard is the next Great Canadian player.  His minor league numbers are amazing and he has the ability to play multiple positions.  After moving Edwin Encarnacion, it is expected that Lawrie will be the Power hitting third baseman the Jays need. Marcum who was overcoming Tommy John surgery appears to be at the peak of his career.  This is another great move by the Jays to acquire more elite players who can take them to the next level.
 Lawrie is currently at double A and may be a couple years away from the big club.  In his second year of pro-ball, Lawrie hit .285 and had good power numbers for a player with just 1 year of wood bat experience. He has been playing 2nd base but projects as more of a 3rd baseman.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blue Jays Acquired RHP Carlos Villanueva from Milwaukee Brewers

Great pick up - as the Jays have obtained Carlos Villanueva has plus stuff and had more strikeouts than innings pitched in 2010.  With the Jays not offering arbitration to several members of their bullpen, Villanueva will serve in middle relief with Shawn Camp and Jason Frasor.  With Kevin Gregg and Brian Tallett going to free agentcy, Carlos will be a welcome addition with plus stuff.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

John Farrell - new Blue Jay Manager

According ESPN.COM and several other unconfirmed sources, Red Sox Pitching Coach John Farrell has been offered and accepted the Blue Jays Managerial position. Other names have included Demarlo Hale, Sandy Alomar JR, Brian Butterfield, Bobby Valentine and Tim Wallach; who was denied permission to speak with the Blue Jays.    Farrell would join a new movement of Pitching Coaches taking the reins of MLB teams. Bud Black of the Padres, has proven that pitching coaches are able to manage after being a pitching coach.  Farrell has worked with current Asst GM Tony Lacava. 

We think that the Jays are still interested in Sandy Alomar and Brian Butterfield, as well as Farrell.  JF would be a great addition to the Jays organization.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kyle Drabek Looks great in First Start

Kyle Drabek was everything the Blue Jays had hoped for, the young right hander was dominant at times and gave the Orioles many different looks. His curve ball and fastball were both above average mlb pitches and his location was terrific at times.  His overall makeup was very impressive.  Drabek featured a cutter that should help him in the future.  Velocity was in the 92-96 range, which is better than most had expected.

The Jays showed very little in the way of support for Drabek.  It appears that only Bautista, Escobar and Hill are going to play hard for the rest of the year.  The overall feel of the club is a sad end to the Manager Cito Gaston's coaching career.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jays ending season on a low

It is very sad to see the Blue Jays limp into the playoffs after accomplishing so much this year.  Whether you agree with shutting down guys like Morrow or not, its just sad that a season that produced a Home Run champ, a terrific new All Star Caliber shortstop, a legit 4th outfielder(F. Lewis) and legitimate pitching in the Pen. It would be really nice to see the Jays finish higher than .500 on the year.  

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kyle Drabek Named Double A Pitcher of the Year

The long awaited look at Kyle Drabek for Blue Jay fans is now upon us.  Drabek will be starting Wednesday against the Orioles with a short leash.  The Jays have rewarded the prized prospect with an opportunity after having a great year and being named the Double A pitcher of the year while throwing for New Hampshire. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nyjer Morgan is the Stupidest Player in the MLB

This stupid clown saws that he is a hardnosed player. BS...  Morgan is the Nationals centerfielder who likes to pummel unsuspecting catchers at home plate.  The incident with the Marlins was pure stupidity, Brett Hayes the Marlin catcher suffered a seperated shoulder had given Morgan the entire plate to slide on to.  But Morgan decided to blast the young catcher right into a season ending injury.  Morgan is also the guy who threw a tantrum in center field when he missed catching a home run ball, the ball lay on the warning track.  The rightfielder had to get the ball while the player circled the bases. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jose Bautista is the Man. MVP

Jose Bautista is the AL MVP.  Seriously. 

No player, not Josh Hamilton, Not Miguel Cabrera, Not ..... Baby Ruth himself.  Boppy-Bautista is the Man.

How many curtain Calls is this guy going to get before people around baseball realize how for real he is. As a Blue Jay and Jose fan, I am so happy this stand up good guy has delivered the year he has.  

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blue Jays Send Roger Clemens Medical Records

The Blue Jays have apparently provide US Prosecutors with Medical Records from his 2 year stint in Toronto.  This goes to the on going grand jury case Clemens is facing after LYING to the grand jury.  

Shawn Hill - Toronto Blue Jays

Here is a little shout out to Canadian Shawn Hill who will be starting for the Blue Jays on Thursday night against the Rangers.  Hill had an excellent season for the Las Vegas 51's - Posting an ERA of 3.00 in 21 innings over 5 starts.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mike Wilner Should be Fired - enough already

The arrogant know it all Pre and Post Gamer, who's smug attitude and sharp tongue is turning more fans off the Jays than bringing them out to the game.  His way of turning a fan's enjoyment into or excitement for this young team into mush is amazing.  True, many Jay fans call in when they really shouldn't.  As they are trying to offer something relevant, Wilner finds a way to make them feel incredibly stupid.  To the point where they won't listen any longer.  Take for instance, Andy Frost who does the Leaf post game.  He understands that he is corporate communicator for the team first and journalist second.  So if someone starts going off on Leaf Management, he has a way of reeling them back in without offending them.

Let's just say that Scott Ferguson was loved by BJ fans and Wilner is either hated or people have no opinion because they don't listen.  I am no Program Director, but that means its time for the Surly Jerk to hit the road. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

What happened to Aaron Hill and Adam Lind

Blue Jay Fans have been wondering what has happened to dynamic duo of Aaron Hill and Adam Lind.  After having break out seasons in 2009, they have been shaddows of last year.

Hill was mired in a terrible and this was as a result of a major dip in his swing.  Aaron early in his career was a line drive hitter who hit home runs by accident, now he dips his back shoulder and hits a huge percentage of pop ups.  His pitch selection has been good, strikeouts aren't bad, he is simply missing the good pitches to hit by popping up the pitch.  He is also a bit pull happy.  If you use the hit chart for Aaron Hill, you will see that he has been a dead pull hitter. 

Spray Chart

Lind is a bit more of a complex situation than the pull happy Hill.  Lind likes to extend, and is deadly on the pitch away from him.  Major League pitching decided that they would pound him and go soft away.  Time and again Lind would fly open and pull rockets foul.  And then hit a week ground ball to short or second on something off speed.  This also caused his front foot to fly open, further reducing his ability to hit the pitch that made him so successful in 2009(the Fast Ball Away).  Strike zone knowledge is a key factor in not wasting strikes/swings on those pitches in off the play.  If Lind does swing at those, he would be putting himself in better counts.

Debating the Future of the Blue Jays

The Blue Jays head into the off season with alot of questions about who will be at the corners in 2011. Unless they making a move, the challenge lies in finding full time at bats for Travis Snider and Jose B. Bautista is going to start, but where; is it rightfield or 3rd base. He is a superior rightfielder to anyone else they have. But the move to 3rd allows Fred Lewis to gain a fulltime spot. Edwin Encarnacion has shown an inability to make the routine plays at 3rd. The team needs better defence from that corner position. Lewis has shown himself to be a nice pick up, giving them a lead off hitter who can hit both lefthanded and righthanded pitching. The numerous holes that came with him from San Fran were overstated. Lewis has been a pleasant surprise but not an American League left fielder. He lacks the speed necessary for a player who doesn't hit for the power he should. His defence is suspect at best as well.

Alex Anthopoulos should find a suitor for EE and Travis Snider should be the everyday RF.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The case for Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays

Carlos Delgado could be an excellent addition to the Toronto Blue Jays. His club house leadership will be an added benefit to the young position players. His presence in the middle of the order will provide true 3 hitter Vernon Wells to return to his 2005 and prior form. It will also fill out a lineup lacking in an experienced run producer.

Carlos was also unceremoniously allowed to leave Toronto by now departed GM JP Ricciardi. JP may claim that he tried to Trade Delgado to a contender. I would have taken Delgado's numbers at 1st base at 12 million over Wells' numbers over the same period for 16 million. This could be a great way to right the wrong of the blue jays past. Allowing their greatest position player ever, to return home, hit 500 home runs, along the way righting many wrongs.

Who does it hurt? Delgado can play 75 games at 1st and 75 games at DH. Lyle Overbay has proven that he can't be an everyday 1st basemen. His numbers against Left Handed pitching will continue to be an issue. This will be his last year as a Blue Jay. There is no reason to give him any loyalty beyond a spot on the team.

This would be a classy way for the Blue Jays to salute the best player they have ever had and provide a more competitive team on the field.