Sunday, January 20, 2008

Top 10 Blue Jays of All Time

Here is my list of the top Blue Jays of All time - Given our storied history, I believe this is necessary. In determining this list - we are using the brilliance of their time with the Club to be the determinig factor.

1. Carlos Delgado - His Power numbers are the tops of all time. He was the best in Baseball for sometime and he wasn't on the Juice. So he should have won atleast 1 MVP award.

2. Dave Stieb - His greatest years were wasted on terrible clubs in 81-84 - pitched far to many innings early but is still considered the best pitcher we ever produced.

2.a George Bell - Bell was the best position player until Carlos got to town.

3. Roy Halladay - 'Doc' will end up being the best pitcher we ever produced when it is all said and done.

4. Tony Fernandez - Over his 3 stints with the Jays we had 3 love affairs with this guy. From his deep throws from short to his Rod Carew hitting style. He was one of a kind.

5. Fred Mcgriff - Yes, the second best firstbaseman we ever produced. A model of consistency - I have to think that he was wonderful to watch play.

6. Ernie Whitt - Great game caller and could swing a mean stick - 3 bombs anyone?

7. Roberto Alomar - Love him or hate him - he still belongs on the list and will go into the Hall of Fame as a Blue Jay.

8. Vernon Wells - Should move higher but his downturn from last year was unacceptable.

9. Tom Henke/Duane Ward - One was more dominant - one lasted a little longer. Together they were incredible.

10. Lloyd Moseby - You have to love the shaker.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rolen a Blue Jay - Glaus heading out of town!!

The Toronto Blue Jays made great move in moving the oft-injured Troy Glaus to the St. Louis Cardinals. In return we picked up one of the premier Third Basemen in the NL. This is a terrific move! Rolen had a down year in 2007 - but should make a terrific return to form and puts up great all round numbers when healthy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Robinson Diaz - Jay Catcher of the Future

The Jays are very high on Robinson Diaz as the everyday catcher of the Future. Having hit 320 at combined stints between double-a and triple-a in 2007. The hype is well placed. He has been a top MLB prospect for a year now and the Jays see him seeing time at the Major League Level in 2007.

Eckstein a Blue Jay -

If he is healthy this is a great pick up! He can play a steady short and will hit more than the singles hitter J-Mac. As much as we love John Macdonald, we all know that he is not an everyday Major League Shortstop. Throw Scutaro into the mix and you see this being a pretty crowded infield.