Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008 Year in Review - The Bullpen 2008

The Pitchers Represent the strength of the 2008 Blue Jays. Brad Arnsberg has done a wonderful job getting all these guys to pitch to their full potential. Arnsberg is a first rate pitching coach and will remain with the Blue Jays for as long as he wants a job.

In our review we will start with the Bullpen:

49 Jeremy Accardo DL - Had a terrific 2007 and was going to be a large of the pen in 2008. Struggled in a set up role early in the year. This will be his role moving forward and we see him returning to form.
57 Shawn Camp – As a minor league free agent, this was a great pick up. His sinking fastball is tough on both righties and lefties. Depending on the Accardo situation, he may be the odd man out in ’09 but he should find a major league job based on how well he performed this year.
39 Jesse Carlson – Wow!!! Where did this guy come from and can we get another few? Great slider and extremely tough on lefties. Dominated the Rangers in an outing in June that will go down as one of the great relief efforts in Team history.
37 Scott Downs – Stellar! Tough luck with the ankle.
54 Jason Frasor – Probably won’t be brought back. If we still have options they may look to trade him as he still has value.
44 Casey Janssen – Possible Starter in 2009 – Rotator cuff injury was very disappointing.
22 Brandon League – May challenge for the closer role. Has the best Fastball in the American League.
52 B.J. Ryan – Had a solid year but not worth 12Mil.
56 Brian Tallet – Great long man and has come into his own with this club. Fell out of favor with Cito, but should be back with the club in 2009.
40 Brian Wolfe – Wolfe is a bubble guy – he has great command and the Jays will probably keep him up, but he is a perfect example of how strong this clubs pitching is and will continue to be. Every team in Baseball could find a spot for this guy. If everyone is healthy, he would be in Syracuse for the entire year.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Travis Snider is the Real Deal

So - having just watched Travis Snider crush a Kevin Slowey offering to deep centre. I am thinking the JP might have finally found a winner. True his draft results have not been amazing - Adams, Romero, - But with Purcey making a huge impact this year and bigger and better things to come. JP might be showing something of ability to pick first rounders.

Anyway back to Snider - Not since Carlos have I seen a BJ with a prettier swing. His raw poor is on a poor or atleast close to Delgado, plus his ability to hit the ball the other way is something that Delgado couldn't do at this age.

Keep swinging!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blue Jays and Yankees - The Last Game in Yankee Stadium

The next couple days I will chronical the events of my trip to the historic Yankee Stadium. This being the last year as an active park - tomorrow's game will be the culmination in a storied love for the ball yard. Waking up at 4:30 AM this morning we drove to Buffalo and caught the 8:40Am flight to JFK on Jet Blue. The drive from Toronto smooth - the border was another giving us a few nervous moments on the way to the airport. Checking in to the beautiful Duane Street Hotel, I spent the afternoon seeing the sites under the beautiful New York Sun.

Tonight will be filled with plenty of drunken dibotchery and the musical the lion king. Yes fellas - I know, but the girl loves this stuff.

As a kid I loved the watching as the BlueJays whooped but in NYC. In the early 90's it was Molitor, Alomar, Olerud and Winfield who owned the Bronx Bombers. Today's Blue Jays, although they may have a better pitching staff - they are not the same team. A little note on some recent additions. As match as we all loved having Matt Stairs on the team - it was time for him to go. Yes he is still a power threat. It appears father time has caught up to him, being able to move him to Pat Gillick and the Phillies will make room for younger players ( Travis Snider) to get some need atbats. Jose Bautista gives them options when looking at next year and Scott Rolen's future.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vernon Wells comes alive

So where did he come from?? How is that extended vacation. V-dub helped lead the blue jays past the second place blue jays with some timely hitting and a few great catches. Way to go V.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Phillies - Blue Jays - March 23rd

AJ Burnett continued to use his change up and located his fastball well. It did appear that he was throwing his curveball and the Phillies ripped his fastball and changeup.

V-Dub AKA Vernon Wells crushed 2 of Cole Hamels curve balls - a double and a triple to show for his afternoon.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Return of Shannon Stewart

Perhaps the best move of the offseason was bring back Shannon Stewart. He can still hit and run - he will provide terrific depth to the outfield and should put the kind of pressure on Reed Johnson and Matt Stairs necessary to lead this team to the Playoffs.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rod Borajas - The Jays Backup Catcher

The Jays are very lucky to have this guy on board - the musical chairs that happened behind the plate in 2007 was ridiculous. I feel for Sal Fasano and as unfortunate as this situation is for him. Having him behind the plate for an extended period would make an extended run at a playoff spot impossible.

Rod will bring a great catch and throw man to the field. If he hits - Even better.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Top 10 Blue Jays of All Time

Here is my list of the top Blue Jays of All time - Given our storied history, I believe this is necessary. In determining this list - we are using the brilliance of their time with the Club to be the determinig factor.

1. Carlos Delgado - His Power numbers are the tops of all time. He was the best in Baseball for sometime and he wasn't on the Juice. So he should have won atleast 1 MVP award.

2. Dave Stieb - His greatest years were wasted on terrible clubs in 81-84 - pitched far to many innings early but is still considered the best pitcher we ever produced.

2.a George Bell - Bell was the best position player until Carlos got to town.

3. Roy Halladay - 'Doc' will end up being the best pitcher we ever produced when it is all said and done.

4. Tony Fernandez - Over his 3 stints with the Jays we had 3 love affairs with this guy. From his deep throws from short to his Rod Carew hitting style. He was one of a kind.

5. Fred Mcgriff - Yes, the second best firstbaseman we ever produced. A model of consistency - I have to think that he was wonderful to watch play.

6. Ernie Whitt - Great game caller and could swing a mean stick - 3 bombs anyone?

7. Roberto Alomar - Love him or hate him - he still belongs on the list and will go into the Hall of Fame as a Blue Jay.

8. Vernon Wells - Should move higher but his downturn from last year was unacceptable.

9. Tom Henke/Duane Ward - One was more dominant - one lasted a little longer. Together they were incredible.

10. Lloyd Moseby - You have to love the shaker.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rolen a Blue Jay - Glaus heading out of town!!

The Toronto Blue Jays made great move in moving the oft-injured Troy Glaus to the St. Louis Cardinals. In return we picked up one of the premier Third Basemen in the NL. This is a terrific move! Rolen had a down year in 2007 - but should make a terrific return to form and puts up great all round numbers when healthy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Robinson Diaz - Jay Catcher of the Future

The Jays are very high on Robinson Diaz as the everyday catcher of the Future. Having hit 320 at combined stints between double-a and triple-a in 2007. The hype is well placed. He has been a top MLB prospect for a year now and the Jays see him seeing time at the Major League Level in 2007.

Eckstein a Blue Jay -

If he is healthy this is a great pick up! He can play a steady short and will hit more than the singles hitter J-Mac. As much as we love John Macdonald, we all know that he is not an everyday Major League Shortstop. Throw Scutaro into the mix and you see this being a pretty crowded infield.