Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Joe Morgan on Justin Morneau

So in watching the Home Run Derby yesterday, I was again reminded why I loath Americans. Let me preface that by saying I have many American buddies - and they are great, but they also have the ability to nothing about anybody else's country.

Justin Morneau comes up for his first round. Justin.... (Chris Berman) ...Did you know that Justin suffered a bruised lung and was coffing up blood? Just like a hockey player.... Hockey Players can handle all that stuff. Justin is tough. What a great Hockey Player Justin must be.
Did you know that he wears 33 in honour of Patrick Roy?? What a great HOCKEY player Patrick Roy was..." SHUT THE )&*^ UP!!!

Not sure if this clown knows it or not - but Justin Morneau was the AL MVP in 2006 and is only getting better. They didn't chat about that for some reason.

At least Joe Morgan stood up for him and said - "He's not a Hockey Player - he is a Baseball Player and a very good one!!" Way to go Joe!!!

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