Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jays self destruct - Hinske haunts old mates.

This Red Sox team is a power-house. David Ortiz is an amazing hitter - but he is only part of the Red hot Sox lineup. Names of Youkilis, Lowell and Pedroia are truly what makes the Red Sox such a formidable lineup. 1-9 this is the best hitting lineup in baseball. The scary part being that if JD Drew ever figured out how to hit in Boston, they would be even scary.


John Macdonald - who has been great in the field and hitting this year. I have a hard time being critical. But, Pitchers are taking advantage of his unagressive nature - He never swings at the first pitch. As a weeker hitter - he needs to get the best pitch to hit. That just might be the first pitch he sees.

Manny Ramirez is playing to short in Leftfield - I have never seen so many balls fall in over his head. I know that you don't want to play deep - but he is pretty exagerated out there. He could all most play short from where he is now.

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