Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Arod deserves to get stuck...

I have to admit that I really enjoy watching Alex Rodriguez hit and play. But what he did the last time Toronto played the Yankees, was unacceptable. Somebody needs to stick him - right in the ribs. Somebody who throws harder than Josh (Spaghetti Arm) Towers. How about we move Casey Jansen into the rotation. I guess that is another point. If it had been any Blue Jay player - you can bet your a&& they would have taken care of business.

Hey Vernon, maybe you should throw a pie in his face. Because as we know, every major achievement in Blue Jay land needs to be met with a pie in some kids face. You don't see the Yankees or Red Sox putting pie in the face of everyone doing an interview. Being a professional starts in pregame and ends in the post game interviews. I don't think this teams leadership group knows how to lead.

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