Monday, July 23, 2007

Coach Dies.... what a tragedy!

Mike Coolbaugh - Past away on Sunday evening after being hit by a line drive in the head. The first base coach - Former Blue Jay farm hand - was struck in the head. Very Sad.

Brantley has to go....

If the batting coach doesn’t have anything to do with the Jays performance. That they hit great in April and went into the dumps in May. Did he all of a sudden turn into a bad coach - no - but maybe he has lost there ear or isn't preparing them and helping them to make adjustments to piching patterns. As you will note - the jays rarely hit to the opposite field as they have in the past.
I don't think a coach at the major leagues can make a player great - but he can prepare him for success and he can adversly effect his performance. Vernon has gone up to the plate without at a plan of attack. He has consistently swung at pitches that aren't pitches he can drive or hit for a hit, essentially pitchers pitches. Often doing this with runners in scoring position - this is all about preparation. Making sure you get the right pitch. He is giving up at bats. That is Brantleys fault - and his alone. I would say this has cost them about 5 to 6 games in the standings.
The difficult part of hitting in the middle of the order is that you are hitting with runners on base. The need to be selective is huge.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Arod deserves to get stuck...

I have to admit that I really enjoy watching Alex Rodriguez hit and play. But what he did the last time Toronto played the Yankees, was unacceptable. Somebody needs to stick him - right in the ribs. Somebody who throws harder than Josh (Spaghetti Arm) Towers. How about we move Casey Jansen into the rotation. I guess that is another point. If it had been any Blue Jay player - you can bet your a&& they would have taken care of business.

Hey Vernon, maybe you should throw a pie in his face. Because as we know, every major achievement in Blue Jay land needs to be met with a pie in some kids face. You don't see the Yankees or Red Sox putting pie in the face of everyone doing an interview. Being a professional starts in pregame and ends in the post game interviews. I don't think this teams leadership group knows how to lead.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jesse Litsch came up huge....

Just when you think the Jays are done... they come out of know where and surprize you with a stellar effort. Litsch showing increased confidence in his curve ball was terrific.

Alex Rios made a terrific throw to hold the lead on a single to right by Eric Hinske. Jason Phillips made an even bigger play by picking a very difficult hop.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jays self destruct - Hinske haunts old mates.

This Red Sox team is a power-house. David Ortiz is an amazing hitter - but he is only part of the Red hot Sox lineup. Names of Youkilis, Lowell and Pedroia are truly what makes the Red Sox such a formidable lineup. 1-9 this is the best hitting lineup in baseball. The scary part being that if JD Drew ever figured out how to hit in Boston, they would be even scary.


John Macdonald - who has been great in the field and hitting this year. I have a hard time being critical. But, Pitchers are taking advantage of his unagressive nature - He never swings at the first pitch. As a weeker hitter - he needs to get the best pitch to hit. That just might be the first pitch he sees.

Manny Ramirez is playing to short in Leftfield - I have never seen so many balls fall in over his head. I know that you don't want to play deep - but he is pretty exagerated out there. He could all most play short from where he is now.

Friday, July 13, 2007

What is wrong with Roy Halladay??

Roy Halladay continues to look not himself. Even in the games he has won, his stuff hasn't been it's normal overpowering stuff. His power sinker has traditionally been in the 91-93 range, that has dropped down to 88. None of his pitches look quite as sharp as they usually do. Perhaps Halladays best days are behind him.

The Red Sox didn't look fooled yesterday at any point. I have to think that when everything you throw sinks - it might be time to throw the good old 4-seam fastball to keep the hitters honest.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reed Johnson - Back in the fold

Reed Johnson makes his return to the Jays Lineup - makes a great catch. Johnson will do so much for the Jays, his instant offence is only part of the package. The improved defence in leftfield will make them better. Lind and Stairs have done good work out there - Lind is a converted Outfielder and doesn't always have the best instincts. Stairs is 38 years old and although he may have a better arm, doesn't have the wheels to cover the ground needed for an everyday outfielder.

The entangibles that Johnson adds are even more important. His level of intensity and ability to play under pressure make him incredibly valuable. A true lead off guy - his on-base percentage is always plus .350.

Welcome back Reed!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pujols unhappy...poor guy

Albert Pujols needs to suck it up. He is lucky he was even picked. Poor fella - didn't get to play in the All Star game.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Alex Rios drops Bombs on San Fran

What a show!! The young outfielder from the Toronto Blue Jays definitely did himself proud last night!! A display that will put him on the map with Baseball Fans around the country.

I have to say that Matt Holiday can really mash - Thin air or not - he hits bombs. The kid is a giant.

Joe Morgan on Justin Morneau

So in watching the Home Run Derby yesterday, I was again reminded why I loath Americans. Let me preface that by saying I have many American buddies - and they are great, but they also have the ability to nothing about anybody else's country.

Justin Morneau comes up for his first round. Justin.... (Chris Berman) ...Did you know that Justin suffered a bruised lung and was coffing up blood? Just like a hockey player.... Hockey Players can handle all that stuff. Justin is tough. What a great Hockey Player Justin must be.
Did you know that he wears 33 in honour of Patrick Roy?? What a great HOCKEY player Patrick Roy was..." SHUT THE )&*^ UP!!!

Not sure if this clown knows it or not - but Justin Morneau was the AL MVP in 2006 and is only getting better. They didn't chat about that for some reason.

At least Joe Morgan stood up for him and said - "He's not a Hockey Player - he is a Baseball Player and a very good one!!" Way to go Joe!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Josh Towers finishes the first half on a big time high! Where did this come from?? The dimunitive righty was dominant in dealing 8+ shut out innings against the Indians. Working both sides of the plate and changing speeds, he showed you don't need a 90+ fastball to get people out - is anyone listening - AJ??

Alex Rios capped a terrific first half of the season with a game winning single up the middle. Nice to Reed Johnson back in the fold.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Great Game - McGowan has finally arrived!

Well the Jays sure laid a beating on the A's. Dustin McGowan was dominant in attacking hitters and ensuring that he didn't relinquish the lead.

Matt Stairs continude his great season by cracking a two-run double and a two-run homer the other way. His play has been anything short of remarkable. He also leads Vernon in Homers by 1. Not to bad for 850,000 a year.

Howie Clark is a great story - having been injured in spring training, he was released by the Padres. He called every major league team and got only one response. And it took almost a month for it to come. The Blue Jays gave him a minor league deal and he worked his way into game shape. A professional hitter, he works pitchers and puts forth a great work ethic. How can you not love a guy who makes the Major League Minimum.

You have to give the Jays Brass some credit for letting the Young Arms loose. Marcum and McGowan have been terrific - Well done JP!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Old Man Glaus rears his ugly head...

A story we have seen time and again. Troy Glaus plays like an old man. The Jays lose 2-1 on a ground ball through the left side. The ball should have been a double play ball - but Glaus, who has about as much range as Stephen Segal does as an actor, couldn't prevent the ball from going into the outfield. The ball kicked off his glove and rolled into the outfield.

If he dives - he is sure to at most knock it down and atleast get one.