Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ricciardi - A bust??

At what point do we recognize that Frank Thomas - is a big hurt to this club. In disecting this ball club - we look at the performance of the highly paid players. Your so called super stars.

Troy Glaus - Brought in to shore up third base, the oft injured former Silver Slugger is an accident waiting to happen. He walks around like he is 40. His off season conditioning leaves much to be desired - especially considering how much they pay this guy. Now if we had brought this guy in as a free agent - the money would be well spent. But no - we gave up the best defensive second baseman in Baseball. Orlando Hudson was the heart and sole of the 2005 Blue Jays. I understand that Aaron Hill was waiting in the wings - how good would Aaron Hill look at 3rd base??

The Numbers - Orlando Hudson is the 3 hitter for the Diamondbacks and is on pace to win another Gold Glove.
BAT: .305
OPS: .869

Troy Glaus has provided Home Run power - But at what cost. 11.5 Million a year - that's what cost. The production has been there... But i would much rather have a young, energetic - exciting player - than a moody slow footed bum. In baseball - it is all about the dollars. What is the best spend for your dollars. Trading quality young players with lots of upside for older established players has never worked. Remember Milt Pappas for Frank Robinson.

Getting back to Frank Thomas - True the Blue Jays need a big bat. And Frank was the best available option. But where else was he going to go??

JP came to Toronto with the tag of being able to do alot with a little. I have yet to see this brilliant baseball mind make an appearance in Toronto. Not one Free Agent this side of Matt Stairs has done anything above their expectations.

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