Friday, June 22, 2007

John Gibbons - Are you for real?

First off, let it be known that I am a life long Blue Jay Fan - love the team and the game it self.

My articles have turned from bad to worse. Ripping on everything Blue Jays; that is wrong. I think there is some great things happening down at the Rogers Centre.

John Mcdonald has been terrific. His defense has been just ok - but mixing in the offense he!

Alex Rios - Everything we expected and then some. Who drafted this guy... Oh right Gord Ashe.

Aaron Hill has done a terrific job at 2nd. Adding power to his game has been terrific. I just hope he doesn't sacrifice avg. for the power numbers. He is a pure hitter - the power would come with time.

The Bad:

John Gibbons continues to prove that he is not astute enough to be a Major League Manager.

His inability to manage a bullpen - continues to rear its ugly head. The pattern of burning out a young reliever - then having him languish in the dog house is getting pretty tired. Just because you have a guy who is going great - doesn't mean you bring him into to the game EVERY time its his situation. Gibbons has over used at times - Accardo, Ryan, Jansen, Speier and Frasor. As a result - all of them have either blown up and been terribly ineffective or gone on the DL.

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