Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Captain Stairs to the rescue!! Twins fall

What a great game - a little pitching, a little defense(Lind) and a some power - Rios, Wells and Stairs. Vernon looks as though he is about ready to get his shit together and about time. Superstars aren't supose to go on slumps like this....

Matt Stairs has been the biggest surprize of the first half and perhaps the team MVP. Rios would probably give him a run for his money on that one. I think that he really feels comfortable being back in Canada - Recent comments tell of how being a true Canadian is very important to Stairs. How do you take this guys bat out of the line-up??

What to do when Lyle is back. If Matt continues at his current clip - I think Lyle will have to wait for his chance. Being 39 - Stairs won't be around forever, but be rest assured he will be back next year.

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