Friday, June 29, 2007

AJ Burnett - Burn-Out??

WOW - that was not pretty yesterday. It seems that it isn't all quiet on the Blue Jay Front. Everyone says this is such a cohesive locker room. And that everyone loves each other....Not sure how true that is. Given the amount of players that have had run ins with Gibbons, I am not convinced he has the support of all the players. Lilly, Hillenbrand, Halladay, Molina and now Burnett, have all had run ins with him. When do we start to think that he isn't the best guy for the job.

I do have to say that AJ is pretty wacked out - the Damaso Garcia routine that he pulled was pretty childish. AJ unfortunately is never going to be anything more than a 500 pitcher. If he showed as much desire on the hill - he would be that much more successful. As a Jays fan I am sick of the circus show that surrounds AJ. Right down to the chasing the Chili act.

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