Saturday, May 19, 2007

How good is Shawn Marcum??

I am watching Shawn Marcum thinking - How good is this kid? His stuff is terrific - nice tight slider, great change and a respectable fastball.

Just as I start thinking about it - he gives up a bomb to Chase Utley. At this point he is part of the Jays Future rotation. He commands a lot of respect and has worked his way through the Jays system. A couple years older than Mcgowan - he is readier than Dustin.

Matt Stairs needs to have a bigger role on this club. Adam Lind - although our future outfielder, is not ready to compete at this level. Stairs has produced his entire major league career - some years in limited roles. His power stroke is something you can't pass up.

Troy Glaus is lazy - plain and simple. He relies far to much on his talent and not on hardwork. We are starting to see why Arizona was more than happy to get rid of him. O-dog provided a level of excitement and could have easily played short.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jesse Litsch
Maybe this kid is legit - wow! What a game - showed a lot of poise for a such a kid. Not overly impressed with his fastball, but his command is very good. Wouldn't be great if they Jays actually developed a pitcher not named Halladay.

Now if they could only learn to hit a little. Rios is starting to heat up - Poolies should take note.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Marcum Pitches a gem

Shawn Marcum pitched terrific - Jason Frasor continues to struggle and this mostly experienced ball club is having trouble scoring runs. At some point you have to say this year is done - bring up the kids and give them some experience.